About Me

All images copyright Jamieson Caskenette, 2017.


I am a photographer on the move to Vancouver Island after spending the past 17 years living in Banff, Alberta. I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario where I trained to become a Chef before making the move in 1998 out west. It wasn't until taking a job with CMH Heli Skiing that I began to really become interested in photography. All of the old photographs on the walls at the Bugaboo Lodge documenting the pioneering days of heli skiing, were definitely an inspiration. I was drawn to the photographs of Pierre Lemire and Greg Yavorsky to name but a few, magical black and white images of the mountain landscape. 

Fast forward to 2008, I travelled to Southern Africa on an overland safari. It was then that I purchased my first "real camera" a Nikon D80. One particular photo I took of a penguin in South Africa turned out to be the moment that I thought I may actually be a good photographer. Oh, the arrogance of youth! Although I laugh at the thought of it, this really was a turning point for me in my evolution as a photographer.

Over the next several years I took A LOT of photos, not many good ones but I learned lots in the process. Looking back on it, I learned how to look around and notice the beauty in the overlooked. Early on I learned how to shoot in manual mode (although not very well) and figured out why the photos I took in auto always turned out perfectly exposed. All of these early lessons helped me build a foundation of knowledge that to this day, I continue to draw from. I read and read and read photography magazines, online articles and blogs. If only I could have poured this thirst for learning into my university math courses! 

A few years ago on my birthday, my wife surprised me with a new camera. I had recently sold my camera and knowing how much I was missing photography, she bought me a new DSLR and this completely rekindled my passion to shoot! Since then my ability and confidence has grown exponentially. I started this website 2 years ago and it has been a labour of love ever since. My preferred subjects are the mountain landscape and over the last couple years, this has progressed into long exposure photographs of the abandoned communities of the prairies. I also draw from my many years cooking as inspiration for my images. Over the years I have developed the ability to eliminate the clutter from my dishes, essentially cooking with a "less is more" philosophy. I use this same concept in creating my images. My hope is that you can see this come through in my photographs. 


Jamieson Caskenette,  January 30, 2017